Music table make over

So I know I’ve been a total blogging slacker lately..but I swear I’ve been super busy. Not taking over the world or curing cancer or anything…but TONS of art and craft fairs for the jewelry I make and kids home work. SOOO much homework. It’s going to give me nightmares yo. I have one child in kindergarten, and one is a freshman in High school. SO picture it….in the space of one hour I will be helping quiz spanish, and proofreading essays about current events…..than BAM! Its A B C s and coloring in the lines!!! OY….my head.
In any case, I know your thinking…shut up woman…and show me something cool!!!
Yes sir!
SO…….I bought this table from my sister. Cheap. Wonderfully, blissfully, delightfully CHEAP.
Good lines. CHECK.
Good construction. CHECK.
Ugly as hell. CHECK.

Than I excitedly dragged it home and in typical “ME” fashion….it sat in the corner of my very over crowded living room for 2 months.

Shut up….I told you I was busy.

Moving on, a couple of days ago gave me a great chance to get some crap painted…it was nice outside, in October, in OHIO!….I KNOW! I was shocked too!
So I rushed outside with every pending project I could carry (lets be real…with everything I could talk my husband and son into carrying). Than I proceeded to spray paint until i couldn’t see (from all the paint on my glasses) and couldn’t breath (from all the beautiful spray paint fumes in my lungs!.). So , helpful hint from me to you reader: protective eye wear isn’t just for your eyes…to protects your expensive prescription glasses too…..cause “SPOILERS”……. that shit does NOT come off. Bodes well for the furniture but not for me walking around half blind because of all the Blossum white specs all over my glasses.
Onward…..some sanding, some primer, and several coats of Blossum white Rustoleum later. I decided it needed something really unique. SO I did a decoupaged top with vintage sheet music!
If you haven’t tried Mod Podge….well, what the HELL are you waiting for??!?!!??! This stuff is amazing. Kind of blew my mind when I found out how great this stuff is. Do yourself a favor…..on a cold winter day when you are itching for a project give it a try. SO FUN.
SO, I cut the music out in a way that I thought would look good. Than I just brushed on the Mod Podge (be sort of generous..but its a thin layer)on the table. There’s a little bit of room for error, but it does dry pretty quickly. Than put a layer of Mod Podge on top of the paper, smoothing out air bubbles and lines as I went. Easy peasy. Looks great.
Just to be safe I coated it with about 3 layer of spray Clear coat.
There it be!!!



So, What do ya think?? Like it? Hate it? Want to buy it? Must own it? Going to copy it? (yeah…your going to copy it, just don’t tell me) Let me know!!

Have a productive day peeps!