Today was a Flea market day! Want to see what I got?

Hey All! How’s your world today?
Well, today turned into a Flea market day. My son and I woke up early (by some weirdo accident) and decided we were going to shop the Flea! The sun was shining, birds were chirping….does that make me want to go hiking and enjoy the glory of nature?
Makes me want to look for fabulous bargains! OOOOoHHHH! I dream of all the silverplated spoons, distressed side tables and vintage frames that await me.
So I loaded us up with sunscreen, grabbed my favorite GIANT tote bag, and off we went.
Now, as I was being extra special cheap today…I limited my spending to $27, as that was the cash I could pull together without much planning or (lets be honest) running to the ATM (who carries cash anyways?????? On any other day I usually have about 78 cents on me and thats it). So I have $27 dollars to work with….plus I found another three quarters in my FLea Market tote (WOO HOO! Go Me! Way to plan ahead!)
So grand total……$27.75. and I need to buy lunch for me and kiddo…….TOTALLY DOABLE!

So first things first, we find a couple of toys for The Kid. Now he’s a happy camper. My turn.
Than I spot a table that says “This table everything 25 cents!”
Boo Ya bitches. This is were I LIVE!
I got a stack of vintage cards (so 50’s and cute….I will use them to make jewelry), a pile of vintage scarves, a couple of hankies, a old pattern, a silverplated serving piece and a great little pile of very detailed silverware (again….going to make LOTS of jewelry). Two small embroidered framed thingies. Super cute.
Ask me what I spent.
Go ahead….ask.
yep. $6.
Actually it should have been $6.75…but you know….I had to…who can resist??? “Will you take $5?” She groaned and glared…and we settled on $6. I mean for realz. It doesn’t get better.
At this point I would have happily said…..”OK. I’m sated. We can go home now.”
I had several bags of CHOICE picking goods.
BUT NOOOOO….I had to press on.
I got a victorian frame for a dollar…and some amazeballs huge fake keys for $2….to be painted a fun color.
Found a few other fun little jewelry type do- dads. Vintage rhinestone buttons.
We had lunch (which was $9 of our tiny budget!)
Kiddo got a bunch of toys….we bought a few, but dealers were feeling generous today and what can I say?….my kid is cute…and he knows how to work the crowd. So he ended up smiling sweetly and shaking hands with people….and they give him free stuff. The force is strong with that one.


See? Give the kid a hot dog, and a giant pile of dragons and robots…..happy kid.

So all and all….nice way to spend an afternoon with my munchkin (the teenager is helping dad today). Bought some great stuff to upcycle. Good times. SO……in closing. Get your ass out there. Hunt for stuff. Make some stuff. Recycle some stuff. That is all. Out.


Look at that haul! EEEEEEE!!! Makes me happy!


Look at the silverware! Holy crap..its so pretty. This is just a few of the pieces.