Why am I starting a blog????

DSC_0492See…this is jewelry that I make from upcycled stuff. Fun right ?

What the heck am I thinking????? Like I don’t have enough on my plate to begin with??? Well…..here’s the deal. I love to talk. Its hereditary, I come from a very long line of talkers. I like to share. “Hey!!! I made something cool!!” “Hey! There’s a sale on this!” You get the idea.
I have lots of creative ideas floating around in my head all day. It keeps me up at night. I like to make stuff. I like to learn stuff. Most of all I like to share stuff.
So long story not-so short. I have a crazy, insane, Huge, talented, wonderful family. I sing opera (spent 10 yrs studying), and so does my husband. I remodel old houses. I love movies. I dabble in art and photography. I rescue dogs and cats (and the occasional a fish or a ferret), I sell antiques, and Real Estate. My sons are nutty goofballs.I will try anything, go anywhere, as long as I got my PEEPS with me. Lastly, as of late I make all sorts of upcycled things. I love nothing more than getting something distressed and sad (be it jewelry, a dresser, a house) and making something useful and beautiful. I make alot of jewelry lately.
Oh…..and I’m SUPER DUPER CHEAP! I mean so cheap…..and SO proud of it! Your going to love it. I have a awesome friend that gets super excited when I tell stories to hear what I paid for things. WHen I tell her…she freaks…and I love it! Its the best part about telling the story! See? Sharing! Makes it all more fun.
So…lets sum up. I’m a talker. I like to share. I’m going to tell you about all sorts of stuff, about being artsy, and being cheap. I think you will like me. I will show you all sorts of cool stuff!
See you soon.


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