Who doesn’t love a great before and after??

I’m getting ready to do some projects. When I say I’m getting ready to do some projects your thinking….like, she’s going to an couple of projects…maybe 3 or 4.


When I do projects it like a marathon. You know the marathons of which I speak..the kind where people are passing out on the side of the road. Medic!


See what I mean (just kidding, this is actually a couple of project binge days…but you get the idea!)

So here’s how this usually goes….I will tarp my whole damn yard..and paint till my fingers can no longer depress the top of the spray paint nozzle. My hands will cramp for DAYS afterward. The good part is lots of stuff gets done. The bad part…..well I tend to acquire lots of stuff in prepping for said marathon that is EVERYWHERE. My whole damn house becomes a storage facility for my upcoming projects. My dining room is the first casualty….the table and chairs get covered first with choice finds filled with potential. One trip to the flea market might just make my porch disappear.  An afternoon of thrifting and BAM…..living room bites the dust. It’s bad people. This is where I get angry. Why can’t I be a normal person and have a DAMN GARAGE? or even a usable BASEMENT? I have a basement……and if given a choice I would never look at it again. I could live a very happy life of NEVER EVER having to go down into that damp, smelly, spidery, hell hole ever again…anyone want to guess where my washer and dryer are?…shudder…

In any case I dream of a HUGE garage. You know the kind  of garage that I speak of. The kind Dudes dream of when they fix and collect cars.  Walls of gleaming tools….huge floor space, places for me to store the masses of different spray paints I own.(Do you really ever OWN spray paint…its more like borrowing). Most ladies dream in kitchens and baths ( I’m a Real Estate agent, trust me on this)….I dream GARAGE. That way when I wasn’t finished with something I could leave it there and come back to it later. The way I work now…well, I have to clean up everything and find a place for something half done inside my house. There is a huge half finished dresser sitting in my living room while I write this. The poor thing just needs another coat of paint…….that means I need a nice day that isn’t 90% humidity. That also coincides with our family not having pressing plans. Yeah. Its been there a month. My cat barfed on it….now I have to sand and repaint that spot. Joy. Let’s be real….those of you that do what I do. You know your cat has barfed on something you were working on. Or maybe…your dog has chewed it. Or you kid has spilled on it. Something….don’t lie. Unless you are one of those ones that has the awesome garage that I’m dreaming of. In which case……I hate you….can I come over?

Back to my original point. I love before and after photos of projects. Please show me something ugly or sad magically turned into something wonderful (or at least better). When I see a great transformation it makes my heart sing! It also makes me want to run to the hardware store for more supplies. (ok..so mostly spray paint) That’s  another story for another day though.

So in keeping with a great tradition of Before and Afters…here’s a few goodies. Enjoy.


Here’s a before of a gross cabinet (the pic makes it look ok,,,but it was sooooo smelly and gross).


AFTER!!! Had to paint inside too because as I mentioned it STANK!! Like a damn ash tray that had been rolled in garbage. For real! I love it now….it has storage in it, and its blue. I love blue!




After….took a while. Painting the inside of pieces like this is a royal pain in the ass….but totally worth it.


This little wood side table was a steal for $10. But it was NASTY with a capitol N. Someone, somewhere had spilled something sticky on it (I’m guessing a soda of some sort….god, I hope it was soda) and it ate away the finish (that doesn’t bode well for what soda does to my stomach though).


I just love the way this one worked out. I’ve never done this sort of pattern before (who doesn’t love a chevron, I mean really?) so I was please that it worked.

Well that’s all for now. I will share more project pics coming up…as, like I said….I’m gearing up for a project XPLOSION!!!!! Have a great day!



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